The Never Be Famous wholesale account is more than your normal stockist account. As a partner of NBF you get the bespoke treatment that only an independently run brand can provide. We take great pride in not being a generic wholesale merchant who send sellers to your shop with the bare minimum of knowledge about the product. We treat each client as an extension of the NBF family and will send one of the design team out to meet with you and discuss your requirements. They designed the t-shirts you are buying and have an intricate knowledge of the market, the product and fashion trends likely to be big over the coming years.


We do not see our wholesale partners as a mere means for shipping goods. Our team will work with you to establish exactly what your requirements are from the NBF brand.

Just want to sell some hats and sunglasses? Sure, we’ll hook you up with the merchandise and some posters to help you sell. We will even send you our mens and women's clothing prices incase you would like to grow the collection.

Want a full range in a dedicated area of your store? Our design team will be on hand to provide some inspiration for layout and will work with you to design posters, banners and any other POS to help push your store to the next level. We even have an in house team of graffiti artists should you need a wall tagged up or display painted.

Big or small, the NBF team are here to help all our partners maximise sales and benefit from a growing international brand.

Please email sale@neverbefamous.com or call +44 (0) 1692 763113  to discuss your wholesale fashion needs.

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